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If you want an easy and professional install that looks perfect, call us! We’ve installed these windshields for a long time, and all of our customers love the work that we do for them. Need more info? Contact us! Windshield Installation. We know classic cars and trucks better than anybody! Okay, you think we’re tooting our own horn? Well, we are.

Do It Yourself Windshield Chip Repair Spray Tint For glass sun chemical achieves this with its new sunvetro glass prep water-based treatment and complements the sunvetro vtgl series of inks. Sun Chemical’s SunSpray WBSPG (water-based spray paint coating for … On the down side, film tint

From the beginning Classic Parts Of America has been our “go-to … We were lucky in that Lyons’ Chevy was a solid SoCal example and no repairs were necessary. To install the new windshield and …

master glass cutter, Jim Lundquist demonstrates the process of cutting, grinding and installing classic car glass into a framed glass side window of a fifties Oldsmobile convertible.

Repair Scratch On Windshield Carol Ray: It depends on how deep the scratch is. If you can feel a breeze coming through it, I’d say you’re out of luck. Tom: There is a company called novus windshield repair (and there may be … Windshield

Windshield and backlite replacement has always mystified enthusiasts because it is the wild/weird science of laying laminated and plate glass onto a steel frame hoping it will successfully seal out …

Bob’s Classic Auto Glass. Auto Glass, Rubber Seals and Accessories for Most Makes and Model, 1920 – Present

How To Get Stickers Off Car Windows Whether they’re on your car’s bumper or a window … Finally, use some quick-detailing spray and a clean cotton or microfiber cloth to finish it off. For window stickers, get a razor blade scraper. It … "The suspects drove their

How to replace back window glass seal with cord Since the new replacement part is an exact replica of the original, Porsche Classic says you have to remove the windshield to install the new dashboard. There’s unfortunately no other way, and it’ll …

Classic Car Glass Replacement A broken windshield on your vehicle is a disappointing and annoying occurance, it’s also a potential driving hazard as it can become a distraction to your vision.

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